Universe to me…

Last week was a testament to why I need a simpler life. Showing up on the wrong date for my daughter’s soccer tryouts and rescheduling both piano and tutoring only to realize that I didn’t have to because of another date wrong were minor inconveniences. There was also a fender-bender that I got into which is still resolving itself. The best case scenario is only my auto insurance will increase. I should have been more careful driving and spent more time at the scene of the accident. But I was distracted and running late. I also accidentally caused my son to break out into hives when I ate some cashews, didn’t wash my hands and then rubbed lotion on him. I hear you, universe, loud and clear! Time to slow down.

On Thursday, I was a chaperon on my daughter’s day long field trip. Leading up to it, I actually was doubting my decision to volunteer. It is a really hectic time at work and I had to take a vacation day. When we arrived at our destination, I realized that there was no cell phone signals available in the remote location. I was surprised at how freeing it was when I realized that I couldn’t be reached. I spent the next 5 hours being completely present with my daughter and the girls I was guiding to explore the great outdoors. This is how life is supposed to be lead! Unfettered from technology and enjoying nature. I definitely want more of this in my life.


4 thoughts on “Universe to me…

  1. Not being reachable is indeed one of the best things out there…! Agreed… This weekend, I hade a lot of fun with the girls at the beach because I just left the phone in the back pack and went out to build sand castles with them! Invaluable bonding time…!

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