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My Son is Allergic to Air

Well, he’s not. But some days it really does feel like it. I have no allergies. If I want to eat something, never does the thought “Could this cause me to break out into hives?” cross my mind. When I started dating my husband, he told me about the long list of allergies he had. The health nut (and know-it-all) that I was thought to myself, “That’s because you didn’t grow up on organic food and was fed formula as a baby.” The universe was like, “Grace, I’m going to teach you!”

So back to my non-formula/organically fed son, “King”. There are eight common allergies that must be listed by law on any processed food. Allergy tests at one year old revealed that he is allergic to 7 of the 8:  milk, eggs, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans. Oh, but let’s not stop there. He also is allergic to chicken, turkey, coconut, seeds and beef. For a second there, we thought his beef allergy had disappeared. Nope! So he’s pretty much a vegan who can’t have soy, coconut and seeds but can have fish. Or so we thought!

Yesterday, I decided to try cooking one thing for lunch for me and the kids. The featured protein of the day was salmon since my husband who is allergic to fish wasn’t home. It was a beautiful meal that I proudly posted on Instagram. #bestmomever! King took one look at the food and was like, “I am allergic to fish.” My daughter chimed in, “Lucky, I wish I was allergic!” My response, “King, you are not allergic! You eat fish sticks all the time. Mimi, eat your food.” So they started eating it. All of a sudden, I noticed my son itching his chin once. Then twice. Soon he was attacking his skin like his life counted on it. Oh no! I took a closer look and sure enough, his face and neck were showing signs of a major reaction. I gave him Benadyl and watched him closely with an epipen nearby. Luckily after an hour, he was back to his normal self and the hives/swelling had disappeared. When my husband came home and I told him about what happened, he was like, “Oh hmm. He must have the same allergy I have. I’m allergic to fresh water fish, but I can have salt water fish.” Really? The water the fish lives in makes a difference! Good heavens.

Today, I went grocery shopping. Again I posted on Instagram my meal plan and the cash I was going to use.#bestgroceryshoppingever All was going well until I got to Whole Foods. I practically brought the entire store. Forget Whole Paycheck! Lets just say Whole Store! I knew what I was doing. Feelings of guilt for poisoning my child was materializing into buying every vegan and dairy, gluten and soy-free product the store had to offer. Yet I somehow couldn’t stop myself. What should have been a $35 bill ended up being $137! What the gluten free bread?! I know, I know. CFOmom fail! When I got home, I immediately redid my budget and pulled cash from other envelops to make up for the difference. It’ll be tight but I think we will be okay. I am also going to try to increase our food budget next to make room for this dietary needs.

Have you ever had a moment when you knew you were making a mistake and why you were making that mistake, but still couldn’t stop yourself?



4 thoughts on “My Son is Allergic to Air

  1. Wow!!! 7 of out 8? I would love to see a food diary of what you prepare for him. Meal prepping/planning must be a nightmare. Lol Bravo to you, for making it look so easy.

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  2. I can’t imagine the frustrations that come with trying to plan for such a minefield of restrictions! Isn’t it great that we have so many food options to choose from so we can get around those? Makes me nervous for when R and I eventually have a child, though. Neither one of us have any allergies to speak of, so how do we learn all their specific needs without killing them?

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