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No Spend November: Week 1 in Review

I can’t believe we are a week into November. I swear it was just the first! If you have been following along, you know that 1) I am trying to save $10K by 12/31/2016 and 2) I am doing a “No Spend November” challenge. Here is a quick review on how its been going so far:

Step 1: I created a zero-based budget along with my husband. We actually sat down and discussed all the expenses we had for the month. This was the first time we had done this and I found it very productive. Unfortunately, we missed one critical expense and medical expenses have already exceeded the budget.

Step 2: At the beginning of the month, I withdrew $600 and divided up the cash into the following envelops:

  1. Food $200
  2. Eating out $60
  3. Household supplies $40
  4. Kids other $40
  5. Husband Spending $200
  6. Wife fun money $20
  7. Charity $40

Step 3: Create a weekly meal plan and grocery shop weekly. So far, I’ve gone over my allotted budget for food spending. I have found it extremely difficult to purchase with in the budget I gave myself. I am thinking about increasing my 15 day budget from $200 to $300 since I have to buy vegan, gluten free items that are pretty pricey.

Step 4: Eat leftovers and try for a zero wasted food. I was disappointed to have to throw out rotten lettuce, grapes and bread last week.  However, I did eat pumpkin puree with kidney beans for lunch one day. Yeah…one for team!

Step 5 and 7: Spending fast: buy only needs; buy used/second hand.  This has been going well. The only wants I have purchased have been food related. Overall, my food expenses has been the hardest to curtail.

Step 6: Use coupons/discounted gift cards –I successfully brought two $25 gift cards from Raise for $33. I’ve used both and they have worked. I am excited to incorporate discounted gift cards more in my life.

Step 8: Goal: 15 no spending days. Last week, I had 4 no spending which means I had more days that I didn’t spend money than I did! Yes! We are going to make it this month.

How are your goals going?


4 thoughts on “No Spend November: Week 1 in Review

  1. I feel you on the food – for me it’s also the hardest one to get down and stick to. And I’ve done budgeting for years and every single month there’s something unexpected. For example my middle son just got sick and we had to get him a prescription. Also the first oil bill of the season came, and I’m never sure what the first one’s going to be/when we’ll get it. What’s worked for me is including things like medical expenses even when we don’t think we’ll have them and having a buffer for unexpected items in the budget.

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