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New Month, New Goals: No Spend November

In order to achieve my scary goal of putting $10,000 towards my mortgage, I have to save at least $1,211 in November. My husband decided to join me on this effort after much convincing. In order to be successful in reaching this goal, I have come up with a set of guidelines to help us save money. 

No Spend November Rules

  1. Create a zero-based budget – learn more here. I’ll share my budget in an upcoming post.
  2. Use envelope system with cash only – I’ve created 7 envelops and stuffed them with cash for categories we overspend on: food, eating out, kids and charity. I also gave my husband and myself an allowance of spending money.
  3. Create a weekly meal plan and grocery shop weekly – I have typically did two week meal plans, but I was overspend. I am going to try weekly and see if I have more success.
  4. Eat leftovers and try for a zero wasted food – This is always a goal, but I am going to try to be especially vigilant this month
  5. Spending fast: buy only needs – And no, Starbucks is not a need. 🙂
  6. Use coupons/discounted gift cards – I am going to try using Raise and other sites to buy discounted cards to places I grocery shop at
  7. Buy used or second hand – If I *have* to buy get something.
  8. Goal: 15 no spending days – Since I didn’t accomplish this last month, I am trying again.
  9. Get invited somewhere for Thanksgiving  – I am half joking about this one, but it would be cheaper to just bring a side and not have create an entire meal.

So that’s it. My eight (or nine) rules for the month of November. What are your goals for November?


13 thoughts on “New Month, New Goals: No Spend November

  1. My wardrobe (and my daughter’s wardrobe) is a mix of second hand/consignment clothing and new clothes. I may challenge myself to second hand only or the next year.

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  2. These sound like great goals. When you mentioned gift cards you reminded me of a trick I used to do. I’m guessing you budget money for gas anyway, right? Well, I used to take my gas money and buy a gift card to a big box store that also had a gas station. If you paid for gas with a gift card from the store, you got discounted gasoline (like 10-20 cents cheaper discounts at the time). I used the same amount of money in my budget and got MORE gas! Just be sure to check the gas station policies before trying this if you decide to try it.

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  3. We’re on the same page as you this month. Cash for groceries, no unnecessary spending, and get back on track with meal planning. Side hustling has gotten in the way of dinner too often in the past month and we’ve dined out more than normal. BTW – I love #9!! I think I’ll add it to my list too 🙂

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