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End of Month Review: October 2016

It is the last day of the month and I had set out quite a number of goals that I wanted to accomplish. Overall, I feel like I was able to check off that I completed many of the goals. However, I had a reason for each goal and I still am finding myself struggling in particular areas. Let me explain.

For decluttering, I really wanted to gain more time to do the things I love. My hope was if I had less emails, clothes and toys, I wouldn’t have to spend so much time cleaning and doing laundry. While I was able to declutter the inbox and toys as well as put a box of clothes away (which I only took 2 items out the entire month), I still feel rushed and pressed for time constantly. Not sure what to do about this! My pantry challenge failed.

The main reason for my financial goals was get my finances in order and not overspending. I was successful in getting organized with my finances. We refinanced and set up our new goals for 2017. However, we went completely over budget yet again! We’ve got to do better!

As for health goals, I have been feeling pretty fatigued lately. A visit to the doctor revealed I have severe anemia which was contributing to feeling numbness in my extremities and the chronic fatigue. No wonder I don’t ever feel like going to gym. I wasn’t able to hit my weight loss or gym goals, but I did give up coffee. I also realized after about a week or so of checking my blood pressure, I could tell when it was high or normal just by paying attention to how I felt. Thus the daily need to check it didn’t seem that important to do.

In summary, I feel like I had a good month. For November, I am going to focus primarily on finances so look out for that! How was your month?


One thought on “End of Month Review: October 2016

  1. Grace, I’m SO glad you got yr anemia diagnosed! You did de-clutter! Win!
    You saved money on your refinance! Win! You found out WHY you didn’t like going to the gym- not a win, but not a loss either. Declaring a tie!
    Why do you say your pantry challenge failed?? You had several days of eating outta the pantry, and your kids had fun cooking! Big Win!
    Give yourself “GRACE”!!

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