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No Spending Days

I challenged myself to have 15 days this month where I did not spend any money. I hoped that by placing this limit on myself, I would buy less and save more. I was hoping that I would use my credit card less and start building the habit of not swiping it for every little thing. Ten days ago, I had nine days where no money left my wallet. I was confident that this goal would be super easy to reach. 

Fast forward to today and I ambrealizing that I probably won’t hit the goal. I only had two no spending days since I last reported on this blog. For the rest of the days, random things just kept popping up! On Monday, I had to buy a book for my daughter’s class assignment. Another time it was annual fees for registering my car. I was thinking that I could not spend any money for the next 4 days, but I don’t see that happening realistically. We still have to buy some groceries and gas. I’d also like to have some Halloween candy available. 

I’m a little disappointed but am determined to have a month that this actually works! I am going to try again in November as part of my crazy plan to save $10k by the end of the year. I need to get more organized with my spending! That will be the sole focus for the month of November. 

Have you ever tracked how many days you spend money for a particular month?


3 thoughts on “No Spending Days

  1. I had to smile when I read your post. About a year ago I tried to “not spend” beyond my bills and grocery budget and low and behold, things popped up for me too. $10 gift exchange at work, etc… It’s sort of like Murphy’s Law. But I am positive you can do it! Maybe create a contingency fund in advance since you know there will be some odd ball thing you hadn’t planned on.

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