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10.7 thru 10.9 – Fails and Wins

My no spending four day streak ended with a ridiculous days of spending this weekend. While some of it couldn’t have been avoid, it quickly added up. Friday, October 7th Spending Debacle of 2016:

  1. $15 copay at my primary care physician. This was important! My doctor said I have extreme anemia and need to triple my iron in take. She suspects that is why I am always tired. Need!
  2. $25.28 gas – this was a need and actually I used my groceries gas rewards to get $.80 off per gallon
  3. $17.06 – Post office – I mail a package to my in-laws with some items they left with us. It was great to get the items out of the house, but this could have waited. I’m going to put this in the need/want category.
  4. $6.73 – medicated cream for my son’s skin. This was a debatable purchase. We’ve tried so many different lotions and position on him! I didn’t need to get it, but his skin has been pretty awful looking lately.
  5. $21.47 – book store to get a required reading for my daughter’s English class. The school library has a copy of the book she could have checked out, but I wanted her to get a jump start on reading it over fall break. My son also begged me to get a book and caved when he promised me he would go through his books and would only keep the “books with big boy pages”. So a quasi-need mixed with a want.
  6. $42.64 – Health food store. I picked up some fish oil for my son’s skin, iron pills for me (although I had enough to last the week) and some cooking oil. I’d say again needs/want. Definitely needed cooking oil.
  7. $158.38  – Target. This is where it all fell apart. What did I buy: two sleeping bags for a camping trip next weekend, hats and gloves for the kids, pajamas for my son (who has outgrown all of his pairs), flashlights, a gift for birthday party my son was attending on Sunday and some more creams for my son. I just now realized that I had a $5 coupon I forgot to use! Darnit! Some redeeming  factors: I did use the $35 in giftcard and I returned $43.76 of stuff the next day when we decided that my husband and son only would go camping. I am beginning to see a pattern. Quasi-needs strikes again.

Yikes! That’s pretty bad. But then Saturday happened. My daughter had a soccer tournament and we had time to kill between games. Instead of driving home, we decided to kill time at a local mall. Bad idea alert! Never kill time a mall:

  1. We ate out! Luckily my husband had a giftcard that we used for our lunch meal, so I am not counting that.
  2. $26.91 – Sporting goods shop where we brought Adidas flip flops for my daughter because she only had her cleats and it was hard to walk around.
  3. $75.43 –  Sporting goods shop – this time we brought more camping gear for the boys. Quasi-need since we technically don’t “need” to attend the camp.
  4. $7.99 – Ice cream because we were kill time! It was delicious though.
  5. My husband also spent: $4.40 and $58.10 on books he may or may not actually read.

Sunday technically could be a considered a no-spending day for me. Maybe. While I didn’t use the credit card or any money I personally had on me, we went out to breakfast to cheer my daughter up after a hard loss in the tournament. My husband used cash he had in his wallet to pay for the meal. I need a win in all this, so I am going to take it. Day #5 of no spending!

The good news is that my son (and daughter) made good on his promise and sorted through their books. They came up with quite a lot to sell/donate.

How was your weekend?


4 thoughts on “10.7 thru 10.9 – Fails and Wins

  1. $243 for 3 dessert plates and 12 fruit bowls of our China. I figure we might as well use it more often. We are having thanksgiving at our place this year and the guest list keeps growing! Hubby thinks I spend less now that I rarely go “shopping”. Silly man!!

    Books are a need. I never said no when they asked for a book. Having their own for class assignments meant they could mark it without worry. Books are also hard for us to declutter.

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