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10.6 Pantry Cookout!

I was off work on the 6th with the kids due to fall break. It was harder to avoid spending money as we usually fill such days with some money-costing activity. I racked my brain to see what I could come up with that was free. We ended up spending an afternoon cooking up different dishes using random ingredients from the pantry. My daughter and I had a lot of fun; my son decided it was too boring and entertained himself.  We also attempted and failed to bake cookies with no baking soda or powder. My daughter decided she didn’t want to eat anything we made. Luckily a family member gave me a frozen mac and cheese dish. All and all we made the following items:

  1. Curried lentils with spinach – I’ve made this before, but it didn’t come out as good. My son will eat it with me.
  2. Louisiana lentil stew –  I thought my husband would eat this since he’s from Louisiana. He took one look at it and informed me that people from Louisiana don’t cook with lentils. I guess the rest of us will be eating this.

  3. Frozen homemade macaroni and cheese a family member gave to us a few weeks ago. It wasn’t as good as I was hoping (probably due to being frozen), but my daughter and I will eat it all at some point. My son is allergic to cheese and my husband doesn’t like mac and cheese (crazy, right?).
  4. “Cookies” (Sidenote, I’m on Instagram now. Check out my “cookies” by clicking here.)

My husband chose to eat leftovers and requested I cook chicken for him today. Oh well! I guess I’ll go vegetarian for the next couple of days and eat all of this goodness!

Successes: 4 days of no spending and pantry challenge meals! Still need to on health issues and decluttering toys.

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