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10.5 The Urge to Spend

I completed 1/2 of a goal by visiting the eye doctor. Fortunately, he couldn’t find anything wrong with my left eye. Its a bit unsettling because my eye does bother me at times. I’ve sought two different options and both seem to find nothing wrong. I was told that I have healthy eye sight with 20/20 vision (with glasses of course!). I decided not to worry about it anymore and whatever the issue is, I’ll live with it.

Part of me was hoping to have a co-pay when I visited the eye doctor. I was ready to fork over my credit card and perhaps pick up a few items on the way home. Did I *need* anything? Nope! I just had a sudden itch to spend money. When I went to check out, the receptionist cheerily greeted me with “You are all set to go, ma’am.” I asked if I would be billed for my services today and she said yes. Darnit! No spending day #3 completed.

I didn’t work out, drink enough water or check my blood pressure so I am probably not on track to lose 1 lbs this week as was my goal. What is the one habit you are trying to kick or goal you want to accomplish that’s just not happen? For me, I’d say working out!


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