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10.4 Quick Post


  • No spending day #2 in the books.
  • Completed 15 mins of yoga and attempted the 7 minute workout again. I actually made it much further than yesterday. Choosing to focus on progress and not perfection. I still need to get my butt to the gym I’m paying $30 a month for!
  • Pantry challenge – I have been having a smoothie every morning to use up the frozen fruit, protein powder and chia seeds. I’m off work for 4 days starting tomorrow so hopefully I’ll have time for more creative ways to use up what we have. There’s a bag of lentils I want to use before the month is up!

Areas of improvement

  • Water! I really need to drink more than 20 oz a day which has been my average
  • Blood pressure – I forgot to take it on the 3rd and noticed it was slightly elevated yesterday. I am not liking that its going in the wrong direction (up instead of down!). I’ll keep at it and hopefully talk to my doctor when I go on Friday.

The month is still young!


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