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10.3 – Successes and Ouch!

Yesterday was my first successful no spending day! Finally! One down, 14 to go to make my goal. It helped that I only went to work, picked up dry cleaning and came straight home. My husband ran the kids around and of course ended up spending money. But since this is my personal challenge and not a family goal, I am happy and hoping to build off the momentum.

Another success was my $25 gift card from the horrible phone insurance company finally came. After a long phone call, they claimed they would “resend” it to me. I could bet you a million dollars that it was never sent in the first place. I believe part of their strategy in offering it to you is that they hope you will forget about it. Not this frugal, money-conscious mom! I plan to use it for my daughters birthday dinner celebration later this month.

7:30pm last night rolled around and I really didn’t feel like making a trek to the gym. Clearly this is going to be an on-going struggle for me. I need to work out and lose weight to improve my blood pressure which is constantly in the prehypertension range (120 – 139 or 80 – 89). None of these facts could convince me to go to the gym last night. Finally my husband suggested I youtube some workouts and try to do those. I download two free apps – daily yoga and 7 minute fitness app. I did yoga for 20 minutes which was really nice. The 7-minute fitness kicked my butt! During the second to last set, my legs started cramping up. I ended up flat on my stomach unable to move for 10 minutes due to severe pain. My daughter brought me a banana which seemed to help. I guess that’s what happens when you start working out for the first time in 5 months. Yikes!

How is your October going?


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