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It’s past my bedtime, but I wanted to do a quick wrap up of my day and how day two went. 


  1. No restaurant challenge: Didn’t eat out even though it would have been convenient to grab lunch between picking up my daughter from one activity that ended at 1pm and another that started at 2pm. Instead I packed lunch for her to eat in the car. 
  2. Pantry challenge: made an omlet with spinach that was going bad and feta cheese that I brought for a dish last month. I also had a smoothie with frozen fruit that’s been in my freezer for a while. 
  3. Coffee: removed the coffee maker from my kitchen counter. 

Areas of improvement:

  1. No spending: Spent $15 on an activity for my daughter, $5 scarf that I really didn’t need (darn you Target!), $10 medicine for son and brought groceries for the next two weeks for about $250 (my online banking is down and I’m too lazy to look for the receipts). I definitely spent more than I had to but I am curious to see if I can shop every 2 weeks and if it saves money. 
  2. Health data: Decided to check weight once a week and not daily. My blood pressure today: 131/84
  3. Exercise: I am realizing that it’s more difficult to find time to work out than I thought. Another day went by with no exercising. 
  4. Definitely need to drink more water. 20 oz today. 

Good night!


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