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To all the naysayers…

Do you like my super dramatic title? There aren’t any naysayers; actually I have received only encouragement and support from my readers in regards to my many goals for October. I decided to get a little bit of a start and have already completed a few.

1) Declutter my inbox! I made a goal of removing myself from 25 email lists. I spent 1/2 hour removing myself from 25 lists two days ago. Since then, I have been actively unsubscribing to any annoying email that comes my way. I think I am up to 32, but I stopped counting after 25.

2) Put another box of clothing away so that I can enjoy less laundry and the joys of a capsule wardrobe. I am giving it about two-three weeks before I judge whether it is working or not. Was this box significantly smaller than the previous box? Yes, but we will not focus on that.

3) Mortgage – I’ve made a decision about whether or not I should refinance my mortgage again. My decision will be revealed in an upcoming post so stay tuned!

4) 2017 goals –  I have created my next set of financial goals for 2017. My personal theme for the year is “family, travel and giving” thus my four goals are surrounding these three areas. I hope to visit family, take a family vacation, travel internationally with the husband and give to causes I am passionate about. I’ve listed the goals here.

Not bad since its the not even October yet!


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