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October Goals

September is coming to a close and I am excited about a new month. This month I was unable to really hit the goals that I wanted. I am getting myself prepared in advance so that I can hopefully be more successful in October. Here is what I am hoping to accomplish!

Decluttering Goals

  1. Declutter my inbox – I have way too many unwanted emails that I am constantly deleting. G0al: Remove myself from 25 email lists.
  2. Donate or put away one box of clothing away.
  3. Complete a pantry challange – reduce my grocery bill by cooking and eating what we have
  4. Organize and declutter the kids’ toys – In addition to always doing laundry, I am always picking up toys! Time to get these organized.

Financial Goals

  1. Track daily spending  and have 15 days of no spending – We overspent for September and I have a $500 dental service I need to get done. We need to get caught up by have a very low spending month.
  2. Make a decision about refinance my mortgage – more on this soon
  3. Create next set of financial goals for 2017 – I am excited that we have hit all of our financial goals for 2016! Time to look to the next year!
  4. Track down $25 gift card from phone company – I was promised a giftcard for the crappy service I got and still have not received it!

Health goals

  1. Work out 15 days – Got to start using that gym membership I am paying for
  2. Complete doctors visits: eye doctor and primiary care – I have been avoiding making these appointments, but I need to make it a priority
  3. Give up coffee (again) – I was doing so well but now I am back to drinking it daily.
  4. Drink 64 ounces of water a day – I am horrible at drinking water but I really can tell my body needs it!
  5. Monitor my blood pressure daily – I need to start focusing on my health and work on lowering my blood pressure naturally or start taking medicine for it
  6. Lose 5 lbs – Not only do I want my clothes to fit better, it helps with the high blood pressure. I need to lose about 20 lbs really, but this is a good start.

That’s a lot of goals, I know! But they all are important areas of my life that I need to focus on. What will you be working on for October?


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