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I hate laundry 

When I was 12 or 13, my mom ruined my favorite black skirt when it accidentally was washed and bleached with whites. Since that dreadful moment, I have done my own laundry. I never minded as it was my way of ensuring my clothes were cared for in the way I wanted. 

Since getting married and having kids, laundry has become an untamed monster. I have struggled with trying to find a way to not have mountains of clothes waiting for me and no clean clothes. I’ve tried doing a load a day. That usually results in me leaving wet clothes in washer machine because I forgot to put them in the dryer. I’ve tried having a designated laundry. By the time that day rolls around, the pile is sky high and everyone is complaining they have no socks! 

This week, I was facing a large quantity of dirt clothes – three over flowing laundry bins, a huge pile on the floor AND three beds worth of linens. I looked at the pile and wondered half joking what would happen if I just threw it away. Would anyone notice? Probably! Okay, maybe I could start with my clothes first? What about if I threw out 1/2 of my clothes? 

Throwing them out seemed extreme. In my quest to be a minimalist, I was introduced to the 333 Project and I have been following her on instragam. Knowing the amount of clothing I have, 33 items would be very hard! Baby steps. Seeing how I am doing the 21 days of decluttering 21 boxes, I thought, “How about if I start with putting away on one box of clothes for a month?” 

Excited about possibly slaying the laundry monster, I stayed up late and woke up early to wash all my clothes. Then I put everything that didn’t scream “Clothes for fall” in a box. I added anything else I just didn’t feel like wearing over the next month. Because I wasn’t getting rid of the items, it was easy to fill the box. 

Of course when I went to get dressed this morning, the one shirt I planned to wear wasn’t hanging up. I guess it is tucked away in the box which is now on a high shelf difficult to reach. I thought about getting the box down. Instead I just wore something else! I am curious to see if this makes a difference in my laundry chore. I’ll give it a week and report back!

So, those who are also doing the decluttering challenge: Does my box of clothes count? It’s still in my house but the hope is I won’t miss the clothes and donate them. 


7 thoughts on “I hate laundry 

  1. I hate laundry too. My daughter-in-law doesn’t have a laundry room, she has two toddlers, my messy son for a husband and her laundry is always, always done/ I can’t figure out how she does it. If there’s a secret, I want to learn what it is!

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  2. I discovered a few helpful tips – cause, sorry, no secret weapon exists for laundry. Our washer has a delay start setting. We fill it, set it and it runs in the night. Then we put the clothes in the dryer in the morning. Having only one step to wait on helps us actually get the clothes through both the washer and dryer. Also, our kids do much of the laundry. If they can run a phone or iPad, they can run a washer and dryer. I sort laundry – to prevent black skirt incidents – but the kids do the rest (and have since they were 4) and help get it folded and put away. When I had a college roomie I had to teach how to work a dryer, I decided all kids should know how to do laundry. Good luck!

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