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Challenge Over!


Have I shared recently how much I dislike my mortgage company? There are only two ways to make extra payments 1) pay $7 each time I want to send funds, have the funds sit in a suspense account and wait until the first of the month when they are applied or 2) update my electronic funds transfer which pulls the funds on the first of the month. I usually do option #2. This month as I found funds to snowflake, I’d update the amount of money that they will pull from my checking account to reflect extra payments. Today my mortgage company will no longer allow me to change my October 1st payment! I expected that to happen at some point, but not when I am 9 days from the 1st! Ugh! Well, that is the anti-climatic end to my snowflaking challenge. Total amount snowflaked: $96.83 (That is a far cry from the $525 I was aiming for!)

Yesterday, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed again and decided to “protaskinate” by cleaning out the garage instead of doing the chores I needed to do (laundry, dishes, cooking, etc). Here’s what I was able to accomplish in the great garage clean out!

  1. Bag #1 – One lawnmower that hasn’t been used in over 2 years
  2. Bag #2 – Two weedwackers, a bed frame and one of these things that didn’t work!  (I had asked my husband to purchase a ladder for me to change bulbs and he brought that instead! Needless to say, I brought a ladder about a week later)
  3. Bags #3, 4 and 5 -A friend left 2 boxes and 1 bag of items in our garage of items when she had to move quickly to another state.  She finally sent me funds to mail it back to her. Yesterday, I consolidated the 3 into one big box and shipped it to her.

Declutter Total: 12 bags/boxes – that’s 21 in reverse! I’m done, Anne! Just kidding.



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