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A Weekend Away

I spent Friday evening through Sunday afternoons in the middle of the woods at an outdoor center. I can’t really say I was roughing it at all. We stayed in heated cabins with bunk beds, had a bath house a few feet away and meals were cooked for us throughout the day.  However just being so close to nature was incredible. I woke up early and enjoyed meditative moments before the sun rose. Nature embraced us as we hiked a small nature trail and gazed at the starry sky. The best part – I left my laptop at home and my cell phone did not work. I found myself with a lot time to reflect in quiet moments. It was a fantastic weekend. And now I am back with greater motivation to live a minimalistic lifestyle and become debt free so that I can enjoy more moments like this weekend!

How was your weekend?

*Decluttering challenge update – I cleaned my car out before heading out for the weekend. It was more like cleaning, but I recycled one bag of paper including junk mail, kids’ artwork and graded homework. I actually found an important piece of paper I didn’t even know I was missing. When I returned from my trip, I got rid of an 8-year-old tricycle that my kids no longer use. I am counting that as a bag as well.



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