Decluttering Challenge

In addition to trying to snowflake my way to $525, I have an additional goal I am working on for September. I though I really need get back to KonMari-ing my house, I decided to do a simpler  exercise this month to make my home a little lighter. Anne from Minimalist Sometimes is on a 21 day quest to declutter her home. Inspired by her journey, I decided to try to kill to birds with one stone by trying to make money of the stuff!

Because I have a super busy month, I decided to just count by containers. For three weeks, I am striving to get rid of 21 boxes or bags of stuff I am no longer using. September 5th was the first day. So far, I haven’t been too lucky with selling my stuff or very diligent with decluttering. However, I found a box of items in my garage that I’ve been meaning to get rid off. I finally donated it yesterday! That totally counts, right?


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