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Snowflaking in September

I have created a ridiculous goal for myself for the month of September. Find an extra $525 that I can put towards my mortgage. I am having serious doubt that this will be possible. However, having the goal means that I will probably end up putting more towards this debt even if its not the full $525. I win either way!

I took a bunch of my kids’ old clothing items to a consignment store. Apparently many people have been cleaning out their homes because they said they had more than enough items and only brought two from me. I am bit bummed, but at least I got $5 out of it. I am going to have to get a little more creative if I want to hit my goal! A few things in the works:

  • $20 – work reimbursement for mileage on a trip I took in August
  • $50 – Swagbucks
  • $55 – Cash rewards from my credit card
  • $5 – Saving Star

That’s all I got. Not even close to what I need!


11 thoughts on “Snowflaking in September

  1. I think you’re off to a great start! It’s only the 6th of the month and you’ve already come up with close to a fifth of your goal! Hmmm…other ideas for which you won’t get much but will add up when put together: recycle aluminum cans or other scrap metal for money (win win since you get money and it’s good for the environment), sell things to private individuals either personally or through sites like ebay, have a yard sale, check sites like and other such legitimate sites, check under couch cousins and seats in the car for change. I once heard that if you pay for everything in cash with paper money and save the change that the average person would find approximately $40.00 per month that otherwise would have slipped through your fingers. I know you can be creative and as peviously stated whatever you come up with is still a win because it still helps!

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  2. So, I’ve realized I don’t know how to contact you from this website – I don’t necessarily want to post a big Swagbucks post but want to let you know what I do to make $ on the site…. what’s the best way to contact you?


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