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The Universe Doesn’t Want Me to Have a Phone

Yesterday I received my replacement phone. It was literally shipped over night and waiting for me when I returned from a long day of working 8:30am-6:30pm. Instead of setting it right away, I did some chores and took bath (shout out to the husband that took the kids out for the evening so I could enjoy a few moments). I finally decided to open the package and set up my phone. I asked the insurance company to activate it before sending it so I was sure it would be an easy process. When I was finally done, I texted my best friend “I’m back in business.” She replied, “Who is this?” Oh no! She sent me a screen shot and it turns out that the phone I received was activated for a different number. I called my network provider and they said they couldn’t do anything to fix the situation. I then tried calling the phone insurance company, but they were closed for the evening. Grr!

As soon as they opened up today, I called them again. Typically I try to be nice to customer service representatives since its not their fault that what ever is happening occurred. I was told, “We are sorry for the inconvenience but we are going to have to send you another phone. It will arrive on Monday!”  Ridiculous, right? I was okay with that because mistakes happen especially when you ship a phone in the middle of the night. What I am not okay with is that they refused to waive the $200 deductible I am paying. I talked to them at length and the best they could do for me was a $25 gift card for my troubles. Better than nothing, but still very annoying. I then called my network provider to let them know what horrible service I had received from the company they contract with. They also told me that they couldn’t do anything about the $200 that will be on my October bill, but issued me a $25 credit on my billing account. The whole thing took about an hour of my life to get sorted out, but it was worth the gift card and credit I received.

I think I need another relaxing bath! Have you ever been compensated for horrible service?


6 thoughts on “The Universe Doesn’t Want Me to Have a Phone

  1. I haven’t been compensated as my situations are a bit different, but I have had a string of horrible customer service…

    1) I requested a new bank card specifically to extend the expiry date, spoke to different people who gave me different answers, confirmed the expiry date on the card, but they still sent me the SAME card with current expiry date while also cancelling my current card, and my new card hasn’t arrived. So I have been without access to my money for a week now for no good reason!

    2) I want to open an international bank account, and have to go through this “international services” branch, and wait for a case manager to call me. The case manager has emailed me several times saying they couldn’t reach me (they never called), and when I called in they told me to wait for the call again (which they never called, again). There is time sensitivity to this because it takes several weeks for this process, and seriously, don’t they WANT my business?!?

    I hear you! These things take so much damn time and are so frustrating, and after all that we still don’t get quite what we wanted! Argh! I’m glad you got something back, $50 overall right? Guess it’s something…

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    1. Ugh I feel your pain! Why can’t they figure these things out?! In both of your cases, it’s like they do not want to make money of you! Sorry you are still dealing with this! How are you managing without your bank card?!

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  2. Luckily I’ve got stashes of cash and I don’t have commitments so I’m just avoiding going out. I nearly ran into trouble buying groceries (how I found out my card didn’t work) and had to transfer some money on a different card and hold up the line. What a hassle!

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