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August Spending

This month has been quite expensive with planned and unplanned purchases.Last weekend, I finally visited the eye doctor to figure out why my left eye has been irritating me. Nothing was significantly wrong except my left eye is somehow much weaker than my right. The shop I visited was out of network with my insurance and they didn’t have the cheaper lenses in stock. I could have searched for an in-network doctor and waited two weeks to get my glasses, but I decided having proper glasses as soon as possible was the right choice. So there went $177.

Two nights ago, my phone decided that it was going to stop taking incoming phone calls. It didn’t bother much as I assumed a cell tower was down due to a storm (I’m not even sure that really happens anymore). After a day went by with no change, I looked online to trouble shoot. I chatted with tech support and followed all of their instructions. Still no working phone. I then took it to a local repair shop. They played around with it for about 20 minutes before they declared it dead.

I was annoyed, but I figured I could find a reasonably cheap replacement phone. I don’t need all the bells and whistles of a smart phone. The sales rep told me that my network provider no longer carries dumb phones. He also said he could update my plan to one that was $40 cheaper. I told him that was probably impossible and he started becoming pretty pushy about changing my plan. I opted to leave the store and do some research on my own. I reviewed my current plan options and the one he was trying to sell me. I wrote out all that was included in my plan and the cost break down of each. I then visited another store and talked to another, nicer sales rep. He told me that the plan I had was cheaper than any of the newer plans. I knew it! Although he didn’t say it directly, he hinted that I should hold on to my current plan for as long as possible. Thank you sir for your honesty!

So where does that leave me? I couldn’t get a new phone that would come with a new plan because it would be too expensive. I am not available for an upgrade on my old plan until January 2017. My only option was to repair my phone for a $200 charge. I thought about not having a phone for 4 months. Could I really do it? The answer is not really. With my son’s health issues, I don’t feel comfortable not being able to be reached by phone. That really is the only reason I need a phone. Yesterday night, I went ahead a bit the bullet and sent my phone off for repair. The $200 will appear on my bill which is due October 1st. Super annoying but hopefully I can hold on to this phone for 2+ years.

August has been a bust financially and September isn’t looking any better. Now with this new charge for October, I feel like I’ll never get back to a good place budget wise!





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