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Great News!

I finally got official word that my part-time status is secure for the next 12 months. Although it will be reevaluated after a year, I am happy that I can plan for at least one more year of employment. And that isn’t the great news. I also was blessed to receive a 20% raise! How exciting it that!? Can you guess what the first thing I did was? Recalculate my mortgage payoff date with my new numbers. Such a nerd move, I know! With my old salary, I was projected to pay off the mortgage by September 2022. My new payoff date is (drumroll…) June 2021!

The only caveat is that I am not guaranteed employment after June 2017. Thus my projections will only happen if I continue working at my current job. Currently, I have decided to ignore that potential reality and celebrate this as a win! When I told my husband about the raise, the first thing he said was “Congrats! Now I can stop bring my lunch to work!” How about no!


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