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Well, I am still employed. As it stands now, human resources decided not to demote or require me to go to full time. It is still a crazy situation that seems to have been prompted by my request to increase my hours! I have a feeling that they will still try to force me to go full time, but I will deal with that when it arises.

For now, I am considering my employment status as temporary. So what does that mean for my finances? For the first half of August, I ignored my budget, blog and any financial goals. Part of me wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t check my bank accounts 25x a day or redo my budgets every other day. The results are in:  we literally had $3 before we got paid today. There are several contributing factors to this fiscal mismanagement aside from a lack of focus.

  1. Groceries and eating out – We were really great about not eating out! However, it has increased our grocery spending.We are currently $125 over budget for groceries. I am very much to blame for this as I didn’t meal plan and brought items we didn’t absolutely need.
  2. Reimbursements – My husband spent $140 for work related expenses. Although he’s submitted the paperwork, there is always a delay when we receive funds back.
  3. Childcare – My children’s school had teacher in-services this week. Since I was scheduled to work, I had to find a day camp for them to go to while I worked. That was an extra $60 that wasn’t budgeted for.
  4. Volunteering – I am co-hosting a youth event at the end of this month. In order to secure the room we needed, I paid a $50 deposit. I should get most of that back from the registration fee we are charging, but you never know.
  5. Charity – I don’t feel too bad about this. A friend was soliciting donations for a food bank she volunteers at. While I could have purchased can goods, it was easier to just write a check for $100. At the time, I thought we were doing well budget-wise!
  6. Medical expenses – My son ran out of medicine that he uses on a daily basis on Saturday. When I called for a refill, I was told he was out and they would need to call his doctor on Monday. By Sunday morning, he was having difficulties breathing. We ended up at urgent care. The total bill was $30.
  7. Random – My daughter needed new shoes for soccer and a birthday gift for a party she attended. Then there was that one day I forgot my lunch and spend $10 for my mid-day meal at work.

What have I learned from this? As much as I want to believe that we are good with money, we are not at the stage where we can ignore daily vigilance.

Back to budgeting and blogging again!


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