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New Month, New Goals: July 2016

As always, I am excited for renewed motivation that a new month brings. There are a few things I want to accomplish this month before the kids return from my in-laws and start back to school on the 25th of July (yay, year-round schools). Here’s what the plan is:

  1. Complete a pantry challenge and spend $450 only on food expenses– Since much of the month will be mostly just two of us at home, our food bill should be drastically reduce if I clean out the pantry and not eat out a lot.
  2. Declutter and organize the entire house – Ignoring the KonMari method for a bit, I plan to tackle the clutter and mess in each room/area. I have identified 13 areas and I hope to work on one a day. Having the kids gone should help make this goal manageable.
  3. List out 6-month goals and develop plans to start working toward it – Currently I have been doing monthly goals and then there’s the 6 year goal of paying off the mortgage. I feel that I need some additional goals to stay focused and productive.
  4. Create a daily routine – Since I will be working more and the kids are in different activities this fall, I need to rethink our daily schedule to optimize our time.
  5. Start exercising again to be measured by losing 5 lbs – Make a decision about reactivating my gym membership or come up with a strategy to ensure I am staying healthy.

That should make for a great month! Happy July everyone!


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