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End of Month Update: June 2016

It’s that time again to reflect on my goals for the month, update you all on how I did and groan on my failures. Let’s see how I did.

  1. No fast food – 90% Success. Aside from a Starbucks treat here or there for my daughter and that one time when I got back to the states and was craving McDonalds, I did pretty well. It helps that our summer schedule is pretty light. My daughter is at a camp at my job. Literally we go to work/camp and come home. We may venture out for an afternoon/evening activity but that’s after we’ve had snacks or dinner.
  2. Low spending challenge –80% Success. We have actually cut down on a lot of expenses we typically budget for. The biggest difference is that my husband gave up eating out for lunch. Sadly this is not a permanent change, but at least he has been willing to do it for a month. Also, my son is currently spending the summer with my in-laws. This means that I haven’t step foot in Whole Foods for all of June to buy his gluten free/allergy-friendly/very expensive food. I also haven’t had to pay for doctors visit or medication for him. I will be giving my in-laws some funds when I pick him up in a month, but I have that budgeted for July. Also, I have limited the kids summer activities to little to none. There are no swimming lessons ($79/mo), piano lessons ($120/mo) or tutoring ($169/mo). Now that I list it out, I’m surprised we don’t have more “leftover” money this month.
  3. Delete 10 apps from my phone – 90% success. It would have been more but I found myself adding apps back. I’ve kept off Instagram, 2 games I was addicted to as well as a few other apps I have not missed since I can’t even recall what they were. However, I did add back Google chrome, Google sheets (my budget) and my banking app three weeks into June.
  4. Read! – 0% success. In hindsight, I should have been more specific and decide what books I wanted to read before the month began.

Overall, not that bad. I am now super curious about why my low spending has not resulted in that much extra wiggle room in our funds this month. Something to explore in the coming month perhaps.

How was June for you? 


4 thoughts on “End of Month Update: June 2016

  1. I’m so excited for you! Yay June! June was less great for me but in retrospect June & September tend to be the tough months.
    You inspired me though, I have been from emails I tend to never read

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