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She’s Back!

I had an incredible time on my work trip. There was just enough time to do a little sight seeing in between our meetings. I love international travel even though I have not had a chance to do much of it in my lifetime. My first international trip was with a study abroad program my junior year in college. After that, it was about 15 years until I was able to set out of the country again. Getting married, having children and life in general has restricted my ability to see the world.  Learning about new cultures, being surrounded by diversity of languages and seeing how the rest of the world lives feeds my soul in a indescribable way. Now that my passport is renewed and I got some new stamps, I’m itching to travel again.

On the plane ride back home, I listed the countries I would love to see in the next 5-6 years. I also really want to take my children abroad and have their horizons expanded. I had to keep telling my daughter that Haiti is not a part of Africa! (Kids these days!) My top priority right now is paying off the mortgage, but it would be great to get in some personal and family vacations in as well. This morning, I went on Expedia and started pricing my dream vacation spots. Turns out the cost would be around $60K. Not too bad, right? Who am I kidding!

It is great to dream, but back to reality. I’m going to stay focused. Mortgage first, then fun. What countries are on your bucket list to visit?


4 thoughts on “She’s Back!

  1. Oy vey, I’ve got all the countries on my bucket list, but right now, I’m quelling my wanderlust with day trips to places I’ve never been before within my own state.

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