The following has been in my draft folder for a little bit. Not finance related but just some thoughts mine.

It feels insensitive of me to be thinking about money as our nation mourns the largest mass shooting in our history. I previously lived in Florida and have fond memories of trips to Orlando. It was in Florida that I grew from being a very sheltered college grad to one that embraced humans of all background. One of the best growing experiences was working along aside a pastor and woman who was very active in her LGBT community. Through our discussion, my narrow beliefs were challenged and grew into respect the diversity of this land I call home. I worry about our nation where mass shootings are more common than ever. As a mother, I can come up with a million scenarios where my kids would in danger as they grow up: schools, movie theater, clubs. Even more though, I fear for a country that seems to continue to grow intolerant of differences, be it race, religion or sexual/gender preference. Hate of any kind should not win. I have a diversity of friends who are in pain right now. Hurting because a horrendous hate crime has been committed in their community. Mourning the lost of young individuals full of promise. Saddened that their religion has been used as an excuse for hatred and terror.

Let’s learn about the lives lost and honor their memory. 




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