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Day #5 – Mother/Daughter Day

I spent zero dollars yesterday! Well, technically that isn’t true. My daughter and I enjoyed a wonderful mother/daughter day as planned. I informed her that we were going to have fun, but we couldn’t spend any money. She gave one of those pre-teen “mom, you are crazy” looks but I assured her we would still have a great time. I have been talking to her more about money and finances lately to make sure she gets a sense of the wonderful life she has. Sometimes she forgets, of course. Last Friday morning, I was running late. I asked her to pack my lunchbox and she caught an attitude. She mumbled, “Its not like you pay me to do chores.” I let her have it! I listed the prices of recent purchases we made for her including summer camps, books, clothes and hair accessories. I ended with, “The LEAST you could do is make me a sandwich!” Okay, maybe not my finest moment of parenting, but it was a message she needed to hear.

Anyways, back to our mother/daughter day. The first thing we did was take some of her old toys to a used book/exchange store. She was nervous that she wouldn’t get any money, but they offered her $12 in store credit or $3 cash. She took the cash. Next we headed to Target and returnimg_5911ed the craft set we brought for her sleepover. I actually thought I paid $12 for it, but it turned out to be $17.40! I am glad we opted for the movie which cost a fraction of that! Target wouldn’t give me actually cash for my purchase (even though I used a debit card), but I told my daughter that we would add that to our funds we were allowed to spend. We then headed to another used bookstore where I had about $20 in store credit. She really wanted to purchase a journal for the summer, three books and pen. I had her look at the prices, figure out what she could afford and pay for it herself. She picked one book and a journal leaving $2.22 in store credit to use at another time. The store has a summer reading program where she could earn an additional $5 in store credit. She is excited to participate and can’t wait to come back.We ended the morning with a lunch at a bakery chain we both really love. We shared a combo meal of soup and salad, but she really wanted a soda which added a ridiculous $2.04 to our tab. I usually skip soda for price and health reasons.Technically we spent $11.43, but we actually ended the day with $8.97 since we sold old toys and returned an item. In addition to have some great bonding time, I think she learned some valuable lessons about money and budgeting. A wonderful day!

Number of Spending days – 3
Number of Zero Spending days – 2


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