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Day 4 and a Mini Challenge

On June 4th, I spent more than I really wanted or planned to. This might be a general theme with me. I am learning a lot about my spending habits by this daily blog challenge. Usually when I head out to shop, I make a physical list of what I need to get and a mental list of what I plan to spend. I always get everything on my list, but the money part never seems to quite work out. Here’s what happened yesterday:

  • $1.62 – Redbox movie rental. My daughter and I decided to get a movie to watch during her sleepover with her friend.
  • $10.35 – Sports Authority for new shin guards for my daughter. Soccer camp starts tomorrow and she’s been wearing the same shin guards for the last 3-4 years. It was time for new ones. Since this store is going out of business, we were able to get them 20% off.
  • $42.09 & $37.23 – Groceries for the week totaling $79.32. My budget was $75.00 so I went a little over.
  • $42.68 – Target for household items. Detergent was on sale and there was also a buy 2, get a $5 gift card. Since laundry never end sadly, I decided to buy two even though it was more than I had mentally planned to spent.

See a theme? Today, my daughter reminded me that I promised her a mother/daughter day! I also really need to have a no spending day. So far, the spending days are adding up (3 days) and the no spending days are not (only 1). Let’s see what we can get ourselves into without spending any money. Mini challenge accepted!


One thought on “Day 4 and a Mini Challenge

  1. Daily logs are a great tool for this kind of realisation. It doesn’t look like you over spent on wildly spontaneous items though, and they were things you needed (or will need, like detergent. I often blow my budget because I’m stocking up as well, but they eventually get used!).

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