Personal Finance

Day #3

I am finding it easier to reflect on my daily spending the day after it happens. Also, you never know when a late night Amazon purchase will occur! (I’m kidding…the goal is to NOT have any of those) Here’s the summary for day #3.

  • $24.71 – Target purchases of popcorn, paper and a craft set. We are hosting a mini-sleepover and these items were for that.
  • $30.00 – Cash for an upcoming summer program at church for the kiddos. I missed the early bird deadline because I didn’t have any cash on, so I wasn’t able to save an extra $5.
  • $40.11 – Gas fill up for the week (hopefully)

Had I not needed to fill up on gas, I probably would have waited until today or tomorrow to make these purchases. Spending makes more spending happen. The horrible cycle.



4 thoughts on “Day #3

  1. “Spending makes more spending happen” – I hear you on this. I quite often think “Oh, I’ve blown my No Spend Day now so I just as well pick up a few groceries” (which I could have easily done without). I think we are both “all or nothing” types!

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