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New Month, New Goals: June 2016

Happy June, everyone! The kids are almost out for the summer and it is definitely heating up! Typically I look forward to the summer months as quieter, more relaxing times. The month of June doesn’t appear to have that relaxed feel to it yet, but may be it will soon. Here are the goals for June.

  1. No fast food – for real this time. Its unhealthy, bad for the budget and a sign that my family is overbooked!
  2. Low spending challenge – Summer is turning out to be very expensive! I need to cut costs as much as possible to make it through. The goal is to end June with our 3-month emergency fund still in tack and no credit card debt. It sounds simple, but is looking pretty hard to do with summer camps, travel and father’s day. Ugh!
  3. Delete 10 apps from my phone – I loved clearing out my inbox. Maybe its time to let the phone be decluttered as well. I am pretty much addicted to my phone and really need to work on checking it a million times a day.
  4. Read! – My goal is to read 2 books this month!

That’s it. Pretty simple. Stop eating fast food, save money, put down the phone and read! Do you have any of these goals for June?


10 thoughts on “New Month, New Goals: June 2016

  1. Great goals! I love the low spending challenge.

    I’m definitely going to try to limit the fast food and read more this month! My overarching goal is going to be about self-care. I’ve got some pretty crazy things happening this month so ML and I are trying to plan so we can keep the housekeeping and budget steady.

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  2. Great goals! My goals for June are: only 2 glass of wine a week (to save money), finish my English course, finish de-cluttering house (only one room to go), and paint my bedroom. Good luck with yours 🙂

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  3. I love the deleting apps goal – I rarely see people talk about doing that but it’s such an obvious time-suck and one of the first things we should look at if we are trying to streamline time. I regularly review the apps I use.

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