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June Goals – An Update

I have been thinking all day about my financial goals for June and how much I feel like my finances are out of control lately. We’ve had quite a number of planned expenses to pay for which has lead to some unplanned spending. I find spending and saving can be addictive. Once I am on the saving bandwagon, its very hard to spend money on things I actually need. The opposite is also true. I recently paid for the camps my daughter will attend while I am at work. Somehow that turned into buying her a new water bottle and clothes! Crazy how that happens!

For June, I really want to get back to being the crazy saving CFO mom that you all know and love. The only thing I could think of to motivate me is an open wallet challenge. This is where I document every single dollar and share it daily on my blog. Do I really want to have to explain a $50 purchase for Doritos for example? I certainly do not! So here’s the goal: blog daily, list what I brought and try to have more days of zero spending than spending. Feel free to applaud, comment and/or judge me!

So, how did I do on day #1?

  • $20 cash – donation to my son’s kindergarten teachers for end of year thank yous and a wedding present for one of the teachers.
  • $29.13 – Groupon deal for Rock N Learn DVDs. My son was literally failing math (not kidding…who fails kindergarten) when through decluttering, I found an old CD of math facts I brought my daughter. My son is hooked; he loves the weird rapping animals and it has helped him earn an A in math! I had $7.25 in coupons for Groupon that expires at the end of June. I was also able to get some Swagbucks for shop and earn. Overall, this was not a necessary purchase, but a really great one.
  • $29.07 – Groceries. A new store, Natural Grocer’s opened up by my house and I was curious about the selection and prices. Did I really *need* groceries? No, but I will consume everything I purchased. They actually had a great sale on the vegan mac and cheese I buy for my son.
  • $33.44 – Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts for my in-laws. My husband is traveling to see them this weekend and I promised my mother-in-law that her gift was coming with him. Since Father’s Day is around the corner, I also went ahead a brought my father-in-law a gift as well.

Overall, not super frivolous expenses. Still, these are the things that add up and then I wonder where my money has gone. Hopefully day 2 will be a no-spending one.


7 thoughts on “June Goals – An Update

  1. I like this! Looking forward to your wallet updates 🙂 also, do you know vegan Mac and cheese is super duper easy with vegan butter, soy milk, nutritional yeast and lemon??? Even though the Mac n cheese was on sale I’m guessing that anything in a box is going to be more expensive than the raw ingredients!

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  2. New month, new possibilities. I get what you mean about when you save you are focused on saving and when you spend you tend to spend a lot as well. That is something that do as well. I am working on it. Looking forward to reading day 2.

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