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End of Month Update: May 2016

What a terrible month this turned out to be! Well, terrible in the sense that its May 31st and I feel like I took several steps backwards. I had high hopes for this month that went unfulfilled. As the month progressed, I felt less and less like a confident CFO or even COO of our home. Life happens, right? Anyways, lets review the goals for the month and breakdown what happened:

  1. Challenge every expense – 10% Success. This turned out to be more like “examine every expense”. I did reduce or eliminate a few, but I sort of lost motivation once my husband questioned my notion of paying off the home in 4 years. Basically many of our expenses are on pause while I figure things out.
  2. No fast food drive thru purchases0% Success. Yeah, this was a bust! We got busy with end of year events and I found myself resorting back to the crap drive thru food.
  3. Complete a one week vegan challenge with my sister to inspire me to create more meals the whole family will enjoy – 0% Success. I lasted 2 days, but stopped when I was feeling weak and realized overall I wasn’t eating well. We also found out that my son is no longer allergic to beef, so we have been adding that to his diet.
  4.  Declutter sentimental ideas including photos, children’s art work and other childhood memorabilia. – 50% Success – I sorted all of the photos and created some great memory boxes. So much more needs to be done!
  5. Remove my email from at least 10 distribution lists – 100% Success! This has been amazing. Every time an email came in, I asked myself if I really needed to receive this email. If I didn’t, I hit the unsubscribe button. I probably removed myself from over 25 lists. It has been super amazing to have less distractions in my life!

So, maybe it was not as bad as I first thought. Either way, I plan to make June better!


5 thoughts on “End of Month Update: May 2016

  1. A plant based life style intrigues me but I have had minimal success with recipes.

    Keep going on the challenge every bill thing. My favorite blogger at Budgets are Sexy did something like that and tracked the savings over a period of time. It was kind of cool.

    I so need to remove myself from a bunch of email lists. I tried un enroll me but it doesnt seem to work with ny outlook account. I cleared my inbox and delete bin roughly 6 to 9 months ago. I have 9k unread deleted emails. That is insane. It is also my personal wmail account :/

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