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KonMari-ing for…what am I doing?

If you have been following my blog, you know that I’ve been working on decluttering my house to find contentment and a little bit of cash. I’ve been stalling quite a bit because I know there’s no money to be made from my old papers. Who really wants to go through piles and piles of paper?! A few weeks ago, I saw an announcement for a shredathon. You could bring boxes of papers and cans of food to donate to a local food bank, and a professional company would shred your papers. This gave me some motivation to attack my filing cabinet and get rid of a ton of paperwork. I also updated my filing system to reflect our current life (instead of 5 years ago). Am I done with papers? Not even close! I have all my paper products from my scrap-booking days as well as all of my kids school memorabilia! It never ends!

Next I tried to organize the kids’ toys. I was disappointed how few toys they were willing to give up! Even when I placed them all in one area for them to see how much they have, they still weren’t inspired to get rid of the majority of it as I hoped. I was able to get 1 trash bag and one box to sell/donate mostly from my daughter. I only have a before photo because I am still working on storage solutions for this crap! Overall, I made $9.00 selling a few toys.

In addition, I was able to trade in some items for store credit at a local bookstore. I scored these incredible photo boxes for $5 after using my store credit. They inspired me to start working on organizing my photos. On Mother’s Day, I dedicated the day to organizing photos. What a great way to reflect on the joys of motherhood! It was a perfect project and my husband took over doing everything else that day so I wouldn’t be interrupted. The perfect Mother’s Day gift (thoughtful and free!) He also treated me to my favorite drink at Starbucks. I’m a lucky gal! Marie Kondo, I’m getting there!


5 thoughts on “KonMari-ing for…what am I doing?

  1. This is the one bit of Kondo I keep putting off! My last job had an industrial shredder now it’s just my small one and ten sheets at a time. Not sure we have your service locally. My other job I’m putting off is the cutlery draw. Too terrifying! There’s knives in there!

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  2. Hang in there with the toys. We crossed a bridge from childhood to adolescence and suddenly my daughter was ready to let go of so many books and toys … I was happy and sad both!
    Love your photo project.

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