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New Month, New Goals: May 2016

For the next 30 days, I will start designing a simpler life. A few weeks ago, I started following a blog called No Side Bar. Since I completed Marie Kondo’s suggest of describing the lifestyle that I want, I have been wondering what it will take to achieve it. I was/am skeptical that tidying my home will automatically contribute to lifestyle changes. With the layoff scare my husband had, I have an overwhelming urge to create a better lifestyle for my family that could withstand a such a change.

I happened up on the No Side Bar community and was immediately draw in when I read “Every day, more stuff comes into our lives: stuff in our houses, stuff on our calendars, stuff on our minds. All that stuff gets in the way of where we really want to go and who we really want to be…It’s time to get rid of the excess and focus on the essentials. It’s time for the clarity and peace of mind that come from paring down.”  

With this in mind, here are the goals:

  1. Challenge every expense – I plan to go through each line item on my budget to see if I can reduce or eliminate it.
  2. No fast food drive thru purchases – I buy fast food when I am too busy to cook, running from one activity to another or when I am exhausted. This should also help with the budget since our eating out is out of control.
  3. Complete a one week vegan challenge with my sister to inspire me to create more meals the whole family will enjoy.
  4. Declutter sentimental ideas including photos, children’s art work and other childhood memorabilia.
  5. Remove my email from at least 10 distribution lists – So many emails trying to get me to buy some thing! It needs to stop!

I am excited to end the month of May hopefully with less expenses, less clutter and more free time!


22 thoughts on “New Month, New Goals: May 2016

  1. I’m in the process of decluttering my house. I’m surprised how much of a difference it made in my overall mood and also the time I spend cleaning has decreased, or at least it feels like it decreased.

    Most of the stuff that is in good shape is living in the garage. I did a yard sale last weekend and I’ll be donating all of it if I can’t find another way to get rid of it before the end of August. Yay for goals!

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    1. I can’t wait to get to that point! So far, it still feels about the same except for our master bathroom. It stays clean now and my husband even puts things back where they belong!

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  2. OMG YES! I get waaaay too many emails. Even though I just hit delete, that extra second could be going towards something better.

    I would be hesitant to get rid of childhood memorabilia though. We went through our “baby boxes” just before my wedding and later my brother’s wedding and we found priceless stuff!!!! It would have been such a shame if my mom threw them out. Of course, she only kept the “best” stuff.

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    1. I am hoping to keep some of the childhood memorabilia. Currently I have 4 boxes just of clothes and my kids are 9 and 6. At this rate, it will take over my entire closet. LOL. My goal is to keep pieces I know they will treasure. As for art work and other papers, I plan to organize more than declutter really.

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  3. Lovely! You should try unroll.me for your emails – it did wonders for me when I was struggling with all the flash sales and pretty new clothes; once I couldn’t see them any more, my urge to shop dropped significantly!

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  4. Right there with you! Getting rid of stuff has been such a freeing process, and it does inspire me to get rid of the less tangible “stuff” too — habits, ideas, expectations, etc. that don’t fit the life I want to have for myself and my son. Excited to read about your journey!

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  5. Great goals! I’m working on challenging our expenses too. We don’t have many but I do think there has to be a cheaper way to go on some of them. I love #5 too. I always say that I need to unsubscribe to certain cluttery emails but never do. I may just join you in that challenge this month.

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