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I should probably blog…

It has been a difficult week in our household. I’ve attempted to blog some but my writing either was full of fake cheerfulness or depressing truths. Honestly I am feeling very unsettled. Issues like my son’s health and my daughter’s dyslexia seem like insurmountable challenges in the face of my husband’s job insecurity. Typically I can handle what life throws at me. Currently I just want to find a hole to retreat. See what I mean about depressing?

Several days ago, I finally realized that it’s not healthy to keep all my emotions inside. So I did a brain dump – I made a list of all the things that were currently upsetting me. There was a whole page full. Highlights:

  1. My husband’s job and our future financial outlook (well, no surprise there)
  2. My daughter’s dyslexia. I had her reassessed after a year and 1/2 of tutoring and she definitely isn’t close to where she needs to be at all.
  3. My son’s health. We are blessed that he doesn’t have any life threatening illnesses. However I really want him to be a better place health wise.

There have been some good along with the bad.

  1. My husband still has his job to date.
  2. This blog received an award! Thank you Dames in Debt! It truly made my day. (I’ll post more when I am in a better space)
  3. I am reevaluating what is important in my life.
  4. I found and used a 2 year old gift card to get a massage! Heavenly!! Thank you mother-in-law.
  5. I am more determined than ever to kill the mortgage and be truly debt free.

Life will go on!


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