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Pantry Challenge Update – Week 3

We had a great pantry challenge week!  I spent $34.09 for the week on groceries and my husband purchased ribs for BBQ he attended for $9.33 making our total $43.42. My goal was to use up some hemp and chia seeds I brought over a year ago and were expiring soon. I added both to my daily smoothies and sprinkled hemp seeds on all my veggies. I also made “no cook” chia seed chocolate “pudding”. The worst part was running out of coffee midweek but I decided I needed to return to drinking black tea only. Its been a hard adjustment because I love/need coffee even though my body doesn’t do well drinking it regularly. Overall it wasn’t that bad. We also minimized our fast food consumption to only $29 – most of it was purchased by my husband.

My goal for the final week of April is really finish off the random things  like chia seeds, fish sticks and frozen pancakes that I probably will never purchase again. The budget is $100 for all food expenses. I really want to cook more vegetarian meal so I am going to try out a lentil recipes that I hope the whole family likes.

Have you tried any new recipes lately that you’ve enjoyed?

Hemp in smoothies and with spinach and carrots – yum! Hemp with quinoa with peas and corn – I felt like I was eating bird food. 
Chia seed pudding – not sure I like the texture of it.



10 thoughts on “Pantry Challenge Update – Week 3

  1. Excellent week! I’m trying to do more veg meals too… Because I want to eat more veg, not so much because I’m against meat. In summer I also have more time to cook!

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