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TheCFOMom Reacts to Bad News

Yesterday, my husband learned that his company will be laying off a large number of employees over the next few months. He is not particularly worried, but that is his nature and general personality. Mr. Cool and Calm. He is better than me when it comes to viewing life as a roller coaster with ups and downs. What do I do? Here are my general stages when receiving bad news:

  1. Tell myself that I am okay with the life change and try to convince myself that everything will work out.
  2. Stop the pretense and be honest about my emotions. This is where the stressing and freaking out happen.
  3. Have a mini-crying session usually in a bathtub wondering why my life can’t be perfect 100% of the time. (Actually, I skipped the tears this round)
  4. Open up excel and make a million spreadsheets for worst case scenarios and actions I could take.
  5. Take action and feel better.

Today, I decided to take actions. I spoke with my supervisor about working full-time in the future and she seemed supportive of this option. Currently I work part-time which allows me more time to spend with the kids. I love dropping them off to school and picking them up without having to worry about before or after care, but definitely am okay giving up this luxury if need be. I am already in the process of reducing expenses, but I plan on looking into all of our expenses for potential reduction. With our 3 month savings along with these other strategies, I think we will be okay in the short term.


What do you do when you receive bad news?


22 thoughts on “TheCFOMom Reacts to Bad News

  1. getting bad news is hard, very anxiety creating. I try to remind myself that the anticipated event may or may not happen, and if it happens, then I would worry. Having plans, though, as you have done to diminish the negative effects of the event can ease the pain and anxiety. all the best, hope things will turn out okay.

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  2. That news sounds indeed hard to process. Especially when you and your husband have such a different view.
    To me, it loos like you did the right thing: first worry and stress, than go ahead and take action.

    Looking to get more income from your side is a good move I think. And having the mindset to be flexible in spending is the next best thing.

    I hope you do not need all these actions.

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  3. our post reminded me of an old saying “in times of peace prepare for war” I like number 5 “take action and feel better”! I also like how you pointed out that you at least had a 3 month emergency fund. It definitely helps to have some breathing room with your finances in a time of uncertainty. Fingers crossed that nothing comes from this and that his job remains safe!

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  4. I’m sorry you got that news. I’m definitely like you. I make lists and walk myself through it all. You’ve already done the hard part and taken the steps necessary to soften the blow IF it comes. I hope it doesn’t.

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  5. Oh no! Well, hopefully no further news is good news! That being said, I think your plan sounds great! The best of luck to your husband.

    I tend to react to bad news calmly, but I also immediately start prepping (must be the lawyer in me).

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      1. It’s my way of trying to control the uncontrollable. Also the fact that I always assume the worst so I skip right from bad news to your step 4 immediately. Thus, I am “calm.” Haha!

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  6. I’m the total opposite of your husband! I freak out and imagine the worst case scenario. Most of the time, it doesn’t end up being the worst case, but I always assume the end result will be the worst thing imaginable.

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  7. Unfortunately, my anxiety makes receiving bad news pretty traumatic. My initial reaction is panic. Luckily, I recover pretty fast and I just do what needs to be done. In the end, everything works out fine.

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  8. I really admire people like your husband who are able to roll with the punches. I freak out when I hear bad news that some drastic change could happen. But once that change actually happens, I’m okay. I just hate the anticipation.

    Sorry you’re dealing with this now and wish you guys the best.

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  9. Spreadsheets YES! The slightest bit of worry has me writing out plans upon plans upon plans. Here’s hoping that your husband doesn’t get laid off — but if he does, it sounds like you and he will be ready for it. Good luck!

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