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KonMari-ing for Cash – Part 3

Once again, I have ignored Marie’s suggested order and skipped over papers for now. This week we had new faucets installed in our house because realized my son was not able to use two of the bathroom faucets and thus not washing his hands properly. He has been dealing with a nasty skin infection that he has passed on to my daughter. Can we say double yuck?!  After some deliberation, we decide to use some funds to save on medical bills and what not down the line. Because the plummer needed us to move everything under and around the sink, I decided to work on bathroom “komono” or miscellaneous crap.

This time I followed Marie’s directions and pull everything in one location. I realized that I had a lot of the same items in many places in the house. After a bit of treasure hunting, I was able to get all bathroom type objects in one space. As I looked at the task ahead of me, I became overwhelmed at the share volume of it all. Instead of panicking, I re-read the second on komono in her book for guidance. I then broke down all the crap into subcategories: stuff for teeth, hair products, soaps, etc. I donated a lot of the tooth category and all the samples from hotels I had collected over the years. In the end, I had a large bag of trash and a small grocery bag for donation to a local homeless shelter. It really felt good to get rid of stuff and have a lot less clutter in our bathroom. In fact, I feel like we completely upgraded all our bathrooms when we just decluttered and got new faucets!

But my job was not over. Confession time: I am hair product junkie! (You might be too if you recognize the products in the picture below!)  I could not believe the amount of shampoo we have! I randomly found two bottles in our laundry closet that I totally forgot about. Lets not even talk about headbands, ties, bows and ribbons! I actually owned three hair dyers! Yikes.

Hair products: the before!

It took a while, but I forced myself to get rid of quite a lot it. While the picture below might just look like a more organized pile of a lot of stuff, trust me when I say that much of it is gone. While technically, I was not able to sell any of this stuff for money, the process was an eye opener for me. I learned quite a lot about my spending habits that will save me money in the future. For example, I plan to stop buying shampoo, conditioners, etc for the next, oh I don’t know, year or two! Well, at least 6 months.


7 thoughts on “KonMari-ing for Cash – Part 3

  1. Whoa! We have so much stuff in our bathroom too! I use most of what I have, but I think my wife has a lot of items that were given to her as gifts, and it’s hard to throw them away or get rid of them even though she doesn’t use them. Not sure what to do.

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  2. I cleared out my bathroom stuff too and it felt SO GOOD! And I too have skipped paper. It is a huge hold up for me! I keep dipping into the “komono” categories instead, but eventually I know I’ll have to roll up my sleeves and deal with paper. Ugh.

    Congratulations on the bathroom “makeover”!

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