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Pantry Challenge Update – Week 2

My goal was to spend less than $100 on food related items while continuing to eat up the random things in my pantry and fridge. Sadly, I must rule this week as very unsuccessful. The total we spent on groceries was $157.07 with an additional $34.46 on fast food. Our family had a super busy week (the fast food) coupled with my husband decided he was going to do the cooking for the week. While I like going for simple recipes with few ingredients, my husband enjoys making elaborate dishes with variety. Our meals were delicious, so I don’t feel too bad. We still used up some leftovers so we are making progress in cleaning out the pantry and fridge by the end of the month.

But I can’t blame it all on my husband. For some reason, I have difficulties buying for just a week. For example, I brought 4 boxes of vegan, gluten free mac and cheese for my son. Guess how many boxes he ate this week? Zero! I also brought chicken and ground beef which went unused. Now obviously we will eat these at some point. However, I really want to get better at this so I can reduce our overall spending on food in a month. We are spending way too much in my opinion. I can blame some of it on my son’s diet due to allergies. He’s allergic to all animal protein, soy, dairy, nuts, seeds and wheat. On top of that, he is a super picky eater and refuse to eat all day if its not something he likes. But there is always room for improvement.

Next week will be better! The goal remains to spend $100 on all food related items this week. Wish me luck!




10 thoughts on “Pantry Challenge Update – Week 2

  1. The same thing happens to me! I keep going over budget because I’ve stocked up on meat to put in the freezer (so technically not food for this week…) or because there’s a sale on toilet paper (so that’s for the next few months) or coz we’ve just run out of rice and it’s a big chunk of money to buy a 20kg bag… I keep saying to myself that it’s okay going over $100/week coz not all that stuff is for THIS week, but the thing is, there is always SOMETHING every week. I have not figured out at all how to balance this out. Let me know if you do!

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  2. I like to buy my groceries twice a month…that way I can “stock” up a little since the food I’m getting is for 2 weeks. Then, I allow myself only 1 emergency trip to the store during those two weeks, so I’m not overspending.

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  3. We understand first hand how hard it is to stick to a budget during hectic weeks! We know stock the freezer with meals we make in advance for those busy times. We’ve also gotten into the habit of making all of our breakfasts and lunches in advance for the work week.

    Your lucky that your husband is such a great cook! Cooking at home saves money and is far more nutritious than eating out. Mr FE contributes a lot to the household, but cooking is definitely not one of them. Ha ha!

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    1. It’s so hard! I used to make all the dinners for the week on Sunday, but I’ve gotten away from that recently. I’m curious about what you typically make in advance for breakfast and lunch.

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      1. It varies but for breakfast we will make egg white and veggie burritos or a big batch of oatmeal that we portion out. Lunch can be premade bean and rice burritos or premade salads. Sometimes we like to eat mixed veggies and brown rice or homemade chicken salad made with Greek yogurt.

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  4. I shop sales and stock up (as much as a years worth depending on the sale) on purpose. In the long run, I save money since I only have a few things to buy for any week’s meals. We already have pasta or rice or chicken or ground beef on hand when it isn’t on sale. I totally support cleaning out the pantry…just don’t panic over having more than 1 week of food around. We intentionally keep about a months worth (hoping to increase that) for emergency purposes. Suppose you were holed up in your apartment in Houston just now…you’d be loving that pantry full of food. Just a thought. Really, you’re doing better than you think!

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    1. I definitely have a lot to learn when it come to grocery shopping. Thanks for the tips. Good point about Houston! I think I am to experiment next month with twice a month shopping for the major of our food expenses. That might work better for our lifestyle.


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