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The Ups and Downs of Personal Finance

As I attempt to live debt free and build wealth, there are times when you have to find the humor in the journey. Here are a few examples.

Today I got a robo call from a debt consolidation company. The automated voice said due to new federal laws, I was eligible for loan forgiveness and/or debt consolidation. (Can we say scam?) If interested, press 1. Since I’ve paid off my student loans years ago, I decided to request my number be removed from this list. Instead of getting a person however, I was asked to leave my name, number and student debt amount and someone will get back to me shortly. So I left a lengthy message of me singing “I don’t have any student loan debt! I am free, I am free!” Not as good as this guy, but so much fun to do! 

A few days ago, I got an wonderful email from Upromise by SallieMae which I have shared a screen shot of. Upromise allows you to link your credit and debit cards to earn money for your child’s college tuition. My husband and I opened an account for my daughter when she was born. I swear in 9 years, we have saved under $100. I wonder how much anyone has really made from this company. I probably should look into investing the few dollars we earned into her actual 529 college fund. Since yeah, that $.32 is going to really help pay her tuition! 🙂 The struggle continues…

What have been some humorous moments in your financial journey?


10 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs of Personal Finance

  1. sure do ….. if you know you have a big expense coming and you have the money… pay for it with the card and then just pay it off immediately. I did that for a few purchase between $1000-$2000 such as vacation plane tickets. Just be careful you don’t incur a credit card balance otherwise you ruin the savings. I have kids braces to pay for coming up, that would be a candidate. You really need to be disciplined, which is admittedly difficult. Just make sure you pay it off right away. Good Luck !!

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  2. Wow that’s kind of cool that you can accumulate college savings that way! I’m not aware of any similar programs here in Canada. I do think college is more expensive in the US than it is here in Canada but I may be totally off base.

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