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KonMari-ing for Cash – Part 2

An example of my super organized drawers!

Since I had relativity good success with books and some free time, I decided to move to clothes. Over the last few days, I have been “choosing to keep” certain clothing items and tossing the rest. I didn’t create a massive pile of clothes and dedicate my life to finding the joy in each. Instead, I sorted clothes where they were (closet, drawer, etc.) I was shock at the amount of empty drawers this process freed up. I do see the wisdom by doing all at once. Towards the end,I started keeping things I would normally had donate because I knew I had room for it. All in all, I was surprised by how many items that I had that deep down inside I really disliked wearing. I ended up with a lot of clothes to donate. Also another tip, get the clothes you are getting rid of quickly. I found myself looking back though my discarded piles a few times and pulling out items that I probably should have donated.

I decided to take the big box to a local used clothing store to see if I could make some cash. Sadly they only accepted one item and gave me $5.00 for it. Basically I was told that my clothes were not “hip” enough aka my clothes were not purchased within the last two seasons or expensive brands. I could pursue other consignment stores, but I decided to be happy with the  5 bucks I got and look a nice charity to give my “un-cool” clothes to.

Marie Kondo strictly forbids discarding items that do not below to you. Although I really wanted to throw out a number of husband’s 100+ t-shirts that bring me anything but joy to fold and put away, I resisted the urge for the most part. There was one ugly shirt he had two of; I doubt he will miss it.While I was putting away all of his t-shirts folded in the correct method, I thought I was running drawer space. “Marie Kondo, you are failing me!” I said as I was stuff shirts into tiny spaces. However, it turned out that all of his clothes fit exactly in the drawers I had for them (something she predicts will happen). I also organized the kids clothes and sold a few that they have outgrown for another $9.00.

I have a box of sentimental clothes that I also going to go through later. Lets hope I can let go of some of those items and make more cash along the way.


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