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Pantry Challenge Update – Week 1

Even though I’ve allowed myself to spend money on groceries, I am still trying to clean out our freezer, fridge and pantry. I’ve given myself permission to purchase food items for recipes that would use up random things in our home. It’s still pretty fun and some of the meals were quite tasty. The barley and beef stew was yummy! (All pantry/freezer items)


The day I made meal the products shown below was very painful. I brought them a while and my son turned out to be allergic to these items. On top of that, my husband has a fish allergy and my daughter only ate a few fishes. As I was eating the very gross spinach littles, I thought, “I really am a 38 year old eating sponge bob shaped food. I am an adult!”  

Overall though, it has been insightful on how much and what our family actually eats. I only spent $21.41 on groceries for the week which is way less than the $175 we typically spend. Most of the items I brought were for my son and his vegan diet. We did eat out 3 times, twice on fast food crap (about $10 total) and once a restaurant (About $45 spent. My son ended the night by throwing up the contents of his $5 kid’s meal. What a waste.) Still not bad at all especially considering we had an unexpected house guest for 2 days. 

The goal for next week is to adjust the meal plan and continue the pantry clear out. I’ve budgeted $100 for total food related expenses for the next 7 days, but I really hope to spend only 3/4 of that. Well see what happens. 


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