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KonMari-ing for Cash

It is crucial not only to tidy by category but also to follow the correct order, which is clothes, books, papers, komono (miscellany), and finally sentimental items. – Marie Kondo

So yeah, I started with books for a few reasons. First, I have two children, a husband and very few books. By ignoring one of her fundamental principles, I figured I could get motivated and have my home remain “guest ready”. Actually my main goal was to make some quick cash since I’m trying to be very frugal this month. 

It went pretty quickly and I was surprised how great it felt to get rid of books that not only didn’t spark joy, but were reminders of not so happy times in my life. All the books I owned: 

I was holding on to books from college and graduate school that I would never read again. (My graduate degree focused on mental health issues. Can we say the opposite of joy?) Then there were books when I was having a spiritual/religious crisis. I’m all better now and was able to find an outreach ministry that was super happy to take them. 

 The donation pile: 
From this pile I was able to make $12.00 in cash and $20.00 in store credit at two of my local used bookstores. Not bad Marie, not bad!


8 thoughts on “KonMari-ing for Cash

    1. Very cool. I read mostly on e-books now so I didn’t have a whole lot. I didn’t make much cash, but it’s better than the dust they were collecting. Plus, the local bookstore donates the ones they didn’t buy to the library or adds them to the free book section. Win win, I’ll say.

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  1. The first thing we did when we started to clean up this year is books… We tried to give them away for free…no success. They are now picked up by the paper recycling tour.
    Most of the books were old study books dated 15 years.

    Well sone on you money from the sales! every dollar helps.

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  2. Hey, $12.00 is $12.00! I’ve been slowly getting rid of college books too. All the theoretical stuff holds no interest for me anymore. It’s harder for me to give away kid books because reading with DD is one of the best experiences of my adult life 💗. Jen @ Healthfulsaver

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  3. Yay! That’s enough to buy… a new book?

    And if you’re doing the categories easiest first, hardest last, I think you’re doing it right – I think she says her order is just what’s easiest-to-hardest for most people. Books are the hardest for me. The “Does it spark joy?” question is a good idea here. So much of what I had – you, too, it looks like – was stuff like textbooks. Stuff that sparks stress! I guess people associate books like that with their hard work and investment and feel like they can’t get rid of them?

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    1. Well, to be honest, I didn’t buy it but got it at the library as well. Books was easy because I do most of my reading on my kindle app on my phone. But yes, there’s a lot of emotional investment that comes with actual books.


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