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Can I get some life-changing magic?

Last weekend, I was finally able to get a digital copy of one of Marie Kondo from my local library. In the past, I attempted to read her book “The Life‑Changing Magic of Tidying Up” hoping to get some tips for keeping my house in order. Her definition of “tidying”is very different than I would guess most Americans. (I am not even sure why her English editors used that word.) I found the proscription way she described her method and the alleged transformative  benefits of it off putting. In full disclosure, I barely made it through two chapters. I recently  decided to give Mrs. Kondo another try since several readers have commented on how helpful it was. While I requested both books from the library, “Spark Joy” became available and was now mine for the next seven days.

I went into reading the book skeptical of all the praise it has reviewed. Life changing magic? Yeah right! Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed reading it and finished the book in two days. In “Spark Joy”, she seems more down-to-earth, self-critical and practical. Maybe because she is no longer a single woman who has total control of her home environment. Because I was reading an e-book, I was able to screen shot pages that were of particular interest to me. After a while, it started to feel like I was screen shooting every other page! What was the big difference this time? I am not quite sure. I felt like she was offering advice without trying too hard to convince me to take her advice. I might be in a different mental space. Who knows!

I don’t think my family and I are ready for a marathon of cleaning and the disorder that come before the clean. However I think a cleaning 5K run could be helpful. I am going to take some of the tips and techniques to see if it helps me love my home again. Heck, I could use some life changing magic in my life right now! I hope you follow along and find humor in it all. 

My favorite line in the book that had me literally laughing out:

Balling your socks and stockings, or tying them into knots, is cruel. Please put an end to this practice today. – Marie Kondo


10 thoughts on “Can I get some life-changing magic?

  1. I hope your socks are on vacation 😉
    I liked her book, and parts stuck with me such as finding the value in the giving of a gift rather than the burden of keeping it in your home until the end of time. Day to day Flylady works for me

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  2. Oh, I just requested this book from the library today! Now I’m even more excited. I hadn’t read the earlier one, but heard I’d probably like this one better.

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  3. I’m stuck at cleaning out paper!! I know it’s an emotional hurdle in my case, dealing with my former life as an academic, but wow. I just keep finding excuses not to deal with it. But after this weekend (going to my folks’, so can’t do much of anything) I will clear it all out brutally and honestly. Unless I can find something else to distract myself with. :/

    Good luck with your cleaning 5K! You really do feel lighter after getting rid of stuff!

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  4. I remember thinking if was insane but I did if anyway. It really was life changing for me because I got rid of a lot of things that had expectations attached to them e.g. the toys, books and kid stuff I accumulated when I thought I was going to have children.
    I did do if my way so my socks are still in balls :).
    I used to be the messiest person I knew now, I’m pretty good.

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