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Default Pantry Challenge 

As I shared a few days ago, one of main goals this month is to create a budget and stick to it. Unfortunately we were hit with a few medical bills last month that I decided to pay at the beginning of this month. Additionally, my husband had two pledged donations he had to pay on in April. Due to some miscommunication, we ended up using all of monthly discretionary funds this weekend. Oops! 

I am still committed to sticking to our budget! After crunching the numbers, it looks like we are over by $15 if we don’t buy any groceries for the next  11 days! Sounds crazy but going to try. Some call it the pantry challenge; others call it making ends meet. I am going to try to get the kids involved to inspire them to eat whatever crazy concoctions I come up with. 

This weekend, my daughter and I made pizzas with a gluten free crust we brought that my son turned out to be allergic to. Not the best tasting pizza we’ve ever had, but I had fun making them with the kids. Today we made vegetarian chili with a bunch of random veggies in our refrigerator. Add in some cornbread and enjoy! Delish! I’ll be packing this for lunch all week. 

Have you ever done the pantry challenge? What was the most unique thing you ate?


6 thoughts on “Default Pantry Challenge 

  1. The chili and cornbread look great! I think you can do this and won’t it be awesome to have a cleaned out pantry and freezer? I have to say sometimes when I keep meals really simple I get the biggest raves… Jen @ Healthfulsaver


  2. Pantry clean-outs are kind of fun when you have stuff to work with! It’s amazing how creative you get toward the end of the month. 🙂 And yes, chili is a go-to cleanout recipe in my house!

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  3. Having enough dried and tinned goods and spices is the secret 😉 I’ve been lazy/tried to scrimp before and eat out of the pantry and it doesn’t work when you’ve even used up all your staple stock! That was a painful grocery trip afterwards hahaha.

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      1. That’s exactly it! I find freezer/pantry cooking not quite the same for gluten free veganism because we tend to eat fresh produce. Can’t really picture freezing tofu haha. The best staples I’ve figured out so far in desperate times is to always have frozen veggies/frozen beans, and lentils (cooked with onions and spices and tinned tomatoes on rice).

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