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April Goals

I cannot tell you happy I am that it is a new month! I’m feeling very positive and super motivated to make this one a good one. Initially, I had about 13 goals I wanted to accomplish. However I decided for optimal success just to focus on a few key ones.

Financial Goals: 

  1. Tweek our monthly budget and actually stick to it!
  2. Meal plan to stay within grocery budget
  3. Solidify mortgage payoff goals and develop a streamline plan to execute
  4. Have a budget meeting with the hubby
  5. Increase his 401K contributions by at least 1%

Loving the Home Goals

  1. Read “Spark Joy” or “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by  Marie Kondo
  2. Organize, clean and declutter all the clothes, miscellaneous items and toys
  3. Sell and/or donate crap from home for bonus spending cash

It seems simple enough but let’s see how we do!


11 thoughts on “April Goals

  1. I loved the Kondo book but I recommend having space/time to do it. It can get super overwhelming. It’s also on YouTube if you’re alright with an audio version.

    Here’s to a fantastic April!

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