Personal Finance

The Curious Case of the Missing $8k

When you last heard from me, I was literally missing $8,000. Yesterday, I logged into my accounts first thing in the morning to see if the money had been added back to my account or applied to my mortgage. Neither was the case. I randomly checked a few hours later, and lo and behold, the money had reappeared into my credit union account. Yay!!! (sort of! I really wanted that money to go towards my mortgage, but I am so happy it is now accounted for!) The whole situation was so bizarre. I keep logging into my account to make sure its still there! 24 hours has past and I am finally convinced it’s not going anywhere.

What does this all mean for my financial goals and plans? I have no clue. With my in-laws in town, Easter preparations, general bad budgeting and the vanishing $8k, my finances are a hot mess right now! This mom needs to get it together!


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