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I refuse to be discouraged

I wanted to thank everyone that commented on my last post. It seems like most were in agreement that removing the kids activities would not only put more money back into our wallets, but also might actually make my children happier. As suggested, I asked them to weigh in on what they enjoy doing and what they wanted to stop. My son wanted to do to nothing and shared, “I don’t like swimming. I don’t like taekwondo!” My daughter wanted to get rid of Sunday School and tutoring. Yeah, not going to happen. Overall, not as insightful as I hoped.

I came up with what I thought would be the perfect plan. The biggest ticket item needs to go: taekwondo! I went back and forth on piano, but decided to also do away with it. I planned to stop contributing to the college fund on a monthly basis, but make random contributions as I can (birthday money, Upromise, etc). I’d also give up my gym membership which would be the final amount I needed to get to $770 goal.

Excited about my decision, I first went to the marital arts studio to let them know we are done. They were more than happy to remind me about the contracts I signed when we first started. I totally forgot about those things! My son’s classes are on a 6 month contract that ends in July, but my daughter is currently in year 2 of her 3 year contract! Luckily they gave me a few options, but none of them can be implemented right away. Basically I am stuck with payments until July at the earliest.

So, there went my plan. I am realizing that finding extra money in the budget is not going to happen over night. I don’t think saving an extra $770 by May is realistic at all. Instead of abandoning my goal completely, I may have to adjust the pay off date a little (or maybe a lot). I still can do this!


7 thoughts on “I refuse to be discouraged

      1. they are very tricky and sometime are imposed. I had to buy a 3-months contract for my yoga classes, which I could not participate after the first 5 weeks because of my back problems… I believe contracts are on the long run beneficial for the company but not for the consumer. Wish they had monthly contracts available – a practical approach for the consumer. On the bright side, martial arts are beneficial for the body and the spirit, so maybe your kids will benefit from these classes even though they may not like it that much now 🙂

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