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Since my last post, I’ve continued to do quite a bit of thinking about our house, finances and debt. After toying around with various calculators, I realized that if we sacrifice and work hard for 5 years, we can payoff our mortgage giving us options to use it as an investment property, stay put or sell it get a new home. So, I’ve finally decided! My company, the Charm household, will streamline operations, layoff some expenses and pay off the mortgage by December 30th, 2020. This will be about 15 years early and save us over $60K in interest. We achieve this goal by completing two steps:

  1. We will living off of my husband’s paycheck and use mine completely for extra mortgage payments starting April 2016.
  2. We will reduce spending/side hustle/snowflake to obtain an extra funds to use for additional monthly payments. Target goal is an extra $770 a month starting in May 2016.

Sounds simple enough! Let’s see if we can make this happen! #teamkillingthemortgage


7 thoughts on “12.30.2020

    1. Thanks. It’s taking small amount of money earned randomly to pit towards a large goal. A snowflake is very small, but when you have thousands of them, you get a snow storm! For example, I sold some of my kids things and got $7. Not much, if I do a lot of little things, I could make a larger impact. Make sense? There are probably better examples out there. πŸ™‚


  1. That’s a great goal. I too would like to pay off our primary mortgage ealry. Right now we are going to use the proceeds from our investment property to pay extra , which will shave about 10years off the maturity date. I would like the option to retire in 7 years and we would still have a mortgage by then even with the extra payments I described above. I’ve been going back and forth with whether or not I should find other ways to pay it down more aggressively but can’t make up my mind. Part of me thinks maybe I should be investing more money in a taxable account in index funds.

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